Spoil Your Skin with

G.M. Collin & Yon-Ka

Discover personalized facial and skin treatments tailored to your unique skin type. Whether you struggle with dryness, oiliness, signs of aging, unevenness, sensitivity, or acne, our premium treatments harness the power of renowned GM Collin and Yon-Ka skincare lines to deliver unparalleled results.

Following a comprehensive consultation, our expert estheticians curate a customized blend of products and techniques, ensuring a professional and tailored experience crafted exclusively for you.

* Please note that we operate on tiered pricing: prices will differ when booking with Intermediate, Senior, or Master staff. We reserve the right to change our treatment prices at any time without notice. Thank you for your understanding

Yon-ka Facial Alpha Vital – From $160
This highly technical anti-aging treatment unveils the skin’s natural radiance and softness with just one session, harnessing organically sourced AHA and BHA from natural fruits to gently slough away dead cells, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines. For optimal anti-aging results, a series of 4 treatments is advised.
Yon-ka Facial Vitamin C25 – From $200
Anti aging, radiance enhancing, unifying facial treatment for more beautiful skin. A specific professional formula with 25% Vitamin C and 30% Glycolic Acid for an intense glowing effect!
Yon-ka Le Grand Classique – from $140
This deep pore cleansing, restoring and relaxing facial is for all skin types. With its exclusive and personalized procedure, this elaborate cleansing facial in five progressive steps deeply detoxifies and gently exfoliates with a combined action of a botanical scrub, a face peel and oxygenating mists.
Customized Facial – from $155
After a thorough consultation, your skin therapist will provide the best combination of GM Collin products and techniques to design a personalized treatment to meet your individual needs and expectations.
Collagen 90 – from $180.00
An intensely rejuvenating facial which noticeably reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This 75 minute treatment leaves the skin smooth, glowing, and energized. Suitable for all skin types.
Botinal – from $190.00
A non-invasive treatment with instant and long lasting visible results. The appearance of expression lines and wrinkles are dramatically reduced through this 60 minute facial.
Hydrolifting – from $155.00
This 60 minute hydrating treatment will improve the visible toning of the face and neck and improves hydration for an age-defying radiance. Suitable for all skin types, targets dryness and dehydration.
Sea C Spa – from $165.00
This 60 minute treatment will reverse the visible signs of aging, improve the overall elasticity and energize the skin.
Oxygenating – from $155.00
Designed to clear the complexion and restore radiance to dull and fatigued skin, this 50 minute treatment will reveal balanced, glowing skin.
Algomask – from $135.00
Designed to minimize the appearance of redness and relieve sensitive skin, this soothing 45 minute treatment will hydrate your skin with a thermo-cooling masque.


Soft peels are exfoliating treatments that promote the regeneration of new, healthier skin cells, resulting in smoother, more even-toned skin with improved texture and reduced signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Book alone, or as an add-on to a facial treatment for $40.00.

Salicylic Acid Peel – from $65.00

Indicated for oily, acne-prone skin. Contains salicylic, mandelic, and glycolic acid to relieve blocked pores and ameliorate the redness and swelling associated with acne.

Glycolic Acid Peel – from $65.00

An intensive peel for lines and wrinkles, photo-aging, dull skin and imperfections. Helps to even out the complexion, leaving skin radiant.

Derm Renewal Peel – from $65.00

A deep exfoliation that promotes the hydration of the skin while fighting the appearance of congested skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Contains lactic and glycolic acid in combination with arginine to provide a non-irritating and hydrating exfoliation.

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What are the benefits of a facial?

A Third Avenue Spa facial can help with a variety of skin issues, including: dry, oily, aging, uneven, sensitive, clogged pores and acneic skin conditions. A facial massage combined with our superior products will also encourage blood circulation and help you to relax tense muscles.

What can I expect at my facial treatment appointment?

At your facial treatment, one of our talented skin therapists will ask questions about your needs and desires for your skin. After this thorough consultation, they will then provide the best combination of products, and techniques to design a personalized treatment just for you!

What skincare brand does Third Avenue Spa use for their facials?

We use G. M. Collin, a luxury skincare line from right here in Canada for all of our facials.


We love providing a luxury experience for all of our guests!

The staff are incredibly nice and professional and the vibe is perfect in there.
- Isabelle B.
Amazing experience with Natalie! Had a wonderful facial with her and absolutely loved it. The owner was an amazing person and the ambiance of the place was perfect! Would highly recommend going there not just because of the great…
Excellent spa, very friendly staff, super clean
- Pauline D.
Relaxing, clean space that smells so divine.
- Tracy S.