Hair Removal

Easy and Efficient

Hair Removal

Get rid of that stubborn, unwanted hair with our professional hair removal treatments. Using Rica wax formulated with natural and soothing ingredients and essential oils that is nourishing on the skin, this wax has superior gripping strength to the hair, not the skin so you will have comfortable results.

Brows – $22.00
Upper Lip – $17.00
Chin – $17.00
Full Face – $60.00
Brow Tweeze – $25.00
Underarms – $25.00
Forearm – $50.00
Full Arm – $65.00
Bikini – $40.00
Brazilian – $60.00
Lower Leg – $50.00
Upper Leg – $55.00
Upper Leg and Bikini – $75.00
Full Leg and Bikini – $105.00
Full Leg and Brazilian – $135.00
Back and Shoulders – $60.00
Chest – $50.00

We regret that we cannot perform waxing on clients who are taking Acutane, Retin-A or have had recent sun exposure, as these will affect skin sensitivity.

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Can I have waxing done the day of my makeup application?

We recommend waxing 1 week prior to having your makeup done.

What are my options for brow hair removal treatments?

We offer both brow waxing and tweezing treatments to help you achieve the arch and shaping of the brow you most desire while getting rid of stray hairs that are growing out of place.

What are the benefits of hair removal at Third Avenue Spa?

Our professional waxing experts are trained to help get you the look you desire easily and with minimal pain. The waxed areas of your skin will feel hairless, smooth and even and the hair will grow back more slowly than just shaving. 


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