Meet Chantal


Joining our team in May of 2016, Chantal is one of our talented estheticians and team leader or as she likes to call it, “spa mom”.  She has been in the spa industry making her guests feel important, valued, and pampered since 1998.

Offering all the traditional services, she also offers her guests gel nails and has many healing qualities as a Reiki Master.

Chantal was an instructor for bio sculpture Canada, teaching other estheticians the art of gel nails. She is a GM Collin Master Esthetician and very knowledgeable in all aspects of the skin care line.

When not at the spa, Chantal is working hard at her other full time job, raising three beautiful daughters who she hopes will someday be outstanding women. We assume this comes with a lot of cooking, cleaning and lots of wine!

She invites you to come experience for yourself how, in body and soul, we help make you beautiful!

Our highly skilled, exceptional staff make Third Avenue Spa stand out from the crowd. Get to know each member of our wonderful team!

Spa Treatments

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Hair Removal
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We love providing a luxury experience for all of our guests!

Excellent spa, very friendly staff, super clean

Pauline D.

Hands down, my favourite spa in Ottawa!

Sarah O.

Relaxing, clean space that smells so divine.

Tracy S.

The staff are incredibly nice and professional and the vibe is perfect in…

Isabelle B.