Meet Patricia

Patricia Bertoli

Making Third Avenue Spa a special and welcoming place for guests has always been a top priority for Patricia and she is extremely proud of her team for helping create what they have today.

It was when she got a manicure at a local spa in high school that she decided to venture into the spa industry. Being intrigued by the attention to detail, precision and ultimately the end result, her passion for the spa industry began.

She started her career as an Esthetician in 1998 after a two year Esthetic program at Sheridan College in Oakville, ON. She did a placement while in college at the renowned Civello Salon and Spa and immediately got a job as an esthetician.

She joined Third Avenue as an esthetician when it opened back in March of 1999 and has been the proud owner since 2005.

If she isn’t greeting guests, walking around the spa talking and laughing with everyone and spending time with her wonderful Third Avenue team, she is probably in the garden, cooking, or trying new recipes and tasting delicious wines. She also loves staying active, working out, and travelling!

Patricia is extremely fortunate to be surrounded by such an incredibly talented, passionate and beautiful team at the spa. The loyalty and dedication they bring to the spa and their guests and community makes her extremely happy and grateful every day.

Committed to excellence and providing outstanding care, Patricia would love to invite you to come and experience the difference at Third Avenue Spa!

Our highly skilled, exceptional staff make Third Avenue Spa stand out from the crowd. Get to know each member of our wonderful team!

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We love providing a luxury experience for all of our guests!

Relaxing, clean space that smells so divine.
- Tracy S.
Excellent spa, very friendly staff, super clean
- Pauline D.
The staff are incredibly nice and professional and the vibe is perfect in there.
- Isabelle B.
Third Avenue Spa offers exceptional quality and services, making it a top choice for clients seeking unparalleled excellence. I highly recommend Third Avenue Spa for anyone looking for the best possible experience and results. They are my peaceful gem…