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Gina has been in the spa industry for over 18 years after completing her esthetics diploma from Edith Serei Academie. She has been a loyal and outstanding part of the Third Avenue team for over 11 years.
Gina provides waxing, manicures, pedicures, facials and body treatments, which are all done with exceptional attention to detail and care.
Her favourite thing about working at TAS is being a part of a family of such amazing women. She loves being able to connect with her guests and help play a part in making their days a little more beautiful.
When not with her spa family, you will find Gina at home with her family, hanging out with her beautiful son and daughter, fiance and their puppy, Cooper.
When Gina isn’t cooking meals or cleaning her home, she loves to relax by listening to audiobooks, meditating and baking. And of course she loves to indulge in a really nice red wine.

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Third Avenue Spa is exceptional. I have always felt warmly welcomed and appreciated every time I enter this beautiful space. I have never felt as safe, and genuinely cared for as I do with Jasminka. She meets me every…
Relaxing, clean space that smells so divine.
- Tracy S.
Third Avenue Spa offers exceptional quality and services, making it a top choice for clients seeking unparalleled excellence. I highly recommend Third Avenue Spa for anyone looking for the best possible experience and results. They are my peaceful gem…
Excellent spa, very friendly staff, super clean
- Pauline D.